Thomas Mac & Ashley Martin
at Antioch Shrine
April 13th!

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Antioch Shrine Center

September 28, 2019
Antioch Shrine Center

The Antioch Shrine Center is located at:

107 East First Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402

Doors Open at 6:00pm
Concert begins at 7:00pm until 10:00pm.


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Antioch Shrine Center

Antioch Shrine Center is located at:

107 East First Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402


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History of Antioch Temple

Merely joining the Shrine does not change a man’s nature. He is not created a real Shriner by mere pronouncement of his obligation. Association with other Shriners may work a change in his nature, but not always and the real Shriner usually comes ready-made, urged by his inward self to associate himself with those of similar thought. The real Shriner is not a product of the Temple, The Temple, to the contrary, is the product of the Shriner.” Thus, it was over 100 years ago when Antioch Temple was born.

On March 12, 1897, 39 Nobles met at the Hotel Atlas in Dayton with the thought of forming a Shrine Club under Syrian Temple or a Shrine Temple to serve some 233 Nobles residing in the Dayton area. At a later meeting, May 10, 1897, these Nobles voted to petition the Imperial Council. A Petition was presented to the Imperial Council at their annual session held in Detroit. The Dispensation, with the names of 151 Nobles, was granted, June 9, 1897, for Antioch Temple to be located at Dayton, Ohio. Those Nobles lived in: Ada, Arcanum, Belle Center, Bellefontaine, Covington, Dayton, DeGraff, Germantown, Greenfield, Lima, London, Miamisburg, Middletown, New Carlisle, New Richmond, Piqua, Sidney, Springfield, Soldiers Home, St. Marys, Troy, Urbana and Washington Court House.

A prominent Noble and Mason, George Frank Kuhns, was selected as Antioch’s first Potentate. Kuhns later became a 33o Mason and severed the Valley of Dayton, AASR, as Sovereign Prince (Miami Council, Princes of Jerusalem), from 1901 to 1905. First time Divan members were: John R. King, Chief Rabban; William B. Edgar, Assistant Rabban who resigned December 20, 1897 and was replaced by William Ramsey; William Sanford Kemp, 33o and Most Wise Master, Dayton Chapter of Rose Croix 1896-1898, High Priest & Prophet; William T. McLean, 33o, Oriental Guide; Thomas DeArmon, Treasurer; and John R. Fletcher, Recorder. Trustees were: Charles Underwood, George W. Heatherman and J.R. Lindemuth.

In addition to the Divan and general Nobility, Antioch added six Outer Guards and a 30-member Arab Patrol under the direction of Captain William P. Anderson (later replaced by Perry W. Weidner on January 17, 1898).

Fees were set at $25 and dues were $5. Antioch’s first Ceremonial (called a Work Meeting) was held at the Grand Opera House, Dayton, November 19, 1897. The work was in charge of Imperial Potentate Samuel Briggs and the Divan of Al Koran Temple. The class consisted of 96 Novices making Antioch’s total membership, 244. A second Ceremonial, on March 16, 1898, was held in the Asylum of Reed Commandery of the Dayton Masonic Temple. The 63 new Nobles from that class brought Antioch’s total to over 300. The first Resolutions were made 20 December 1897 and, on that date, the Nobles voted to donate $50 to the Ohio Masonic Home.

Our birthday happened on June 14, 1898, at the Imperial Council Session in Dallas, Texas, when a Charter was granted to Antioch Temple. A GREAT DAY! Institution of Antioch happened on July 18, 1898, when Illustrious Jerome B. Thomas, made an official visit to Dayton. The same Divan was elected to continue during Antioch’s first year.


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Vandalia Range & Armory

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Girl Pop Bios

Alli – She has been performing all over Ohio with her 4-piece band "Allison Road" she has a single out on iTunes and was a dancer in the elementary days. Recently she has been performing acoustic solo shows in various venues and private parties.

Beth Ann – Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Musical Theater from the Big Apple, she recently returned from New York and performed for the 2018 Winterfest season at Kings Island. She has performed on cruise ships and various productions.

Reyna – She performs all over the Ohio region the past 10 years as her solo act on keys and with other band projects. She has a household name in the Dayton area.

Jaime – Coaching gymnastic, cheer leading and tumbling she is our dancer in the group. She has a background as a science teacher, realtor and coach.

Ashley – The past 7 years has been performing all over the country with her 4-piece band and solo acoustic act.

Tessa – She is our other dancer in the group. Also coming from a younger dancing background her career is mentoring children in the public-school system.

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